Recover Faster from Surgery with Home Aid Care’s In-Home Nursing Care

Recover Surrounded by Your Loved Ones

Hospitals in Ontario are under provincial pressure to shorten the approximate length of stay for patients. However, what we also know is that patients typically tend to recover much faster at home, when surrounded by their loved ones (including pets) in familiar surroundings. Home Aid Care, along with your family physician, can help you recover faster and provide you with the personal, quality in-home support and heath care you deserve! Contact us today to make it happen.

Proper Wound Care to Aid in Your Healing

Here at Home Aid Care, we have trained professionals who understand the importance of proper wound care. Many hospital outpatients are sent home post-surgery with the expectation to tend to their own healing wounds. Our specialized wound care nurses cannot only assist, but they can also educate clients and caregivers with all aspects of wound care and prevention.

It’s important to understand the symptoms a wound may portray if encountered with a common infection. That’s why here at Home Aid Care, we can come directly to you and assist with all the dressings and treatments necessary to keep the wound clean and healthy for a successful outcome.